25шт. MNR14 Chip resistor networks 1k (0603×4)

50,00 RUB each

MNR14 Chip resistor networks 1k (0603×4) \

1) Convex electrodes
Easy to check the fillet after soldering is finished.
2) Small, light, rectangular 4-chip network
Area ratio is 65% smaller than that of MNR34, while weight ratio has been cut 75%.
3) High-density mounting
Can be mounted even more densely than four 0603 chips (MCR03), and mounting costs are lower.
4) Compatible with a wide range of mounting equipment.
Squared coners make it excellent for mounting using image recognition machines.
5) ROHM resistors have approved ISO9001- / ISO/TS 16949- certification.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Carefully check the specification sheet supplied with
the product before using or ordering it.


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