AP-134 Power Amplifier 880–915, 1710–1785 and 1850–1910 MHz

300,00 RUB each


 3.2 V Nominal Operating Voltage
 50 Ω Internally Matched Input and Output
 High Power Added Efficiency: 55% for
GSM and 50% for DCS and PCS
 Small Size: 10 x 8 x 1.6 mm MCM Land
Grid Array Package
 Low Current Standby Mode: < 10 μA
 Integral Band Select and Analog Power
 GPRS Class 12 Capable

The AP134-501 is a high performance IC power amplifier
module designed for use as the final amplification stage
in tri-band GSM and GPRS mobile phone applications
(880–915, 1710–1785 and 1850–1910 MHz). It features
3-cell battery operation, a band select switch, a single
positive analog power control input for both bands, and
exceptional power added efficiency. The amplifier is
manufactured on an advanced InGaP HBT process,
known industry-wide for its excellent reliability and
performance. The amplifier module is completely selfcontained,
requiring no external matching components.